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Platform Pedography- Emed

Platform Pedography- Emed

Pedography is the study of pressure fields that operates between the plantar surface of the foot and a supporting surface. The Plantar Pressure Pedography System emed offered by us is a measuring tool that helps in early recognition of the varied pressure patterns in the person suffering with neuropathy. The tool is also known as foot pressure measurement system. It is used for biomechanical analysis of posture or gait. The system helps to detect the walking pattern of the neuropathic forefoot, Charcot foot, and the typical diabeticpatient foot pattern. Our highly advanced Plantar Pressure Pedography System is made by Novel Gmbh, Germany and we are their authorized distributor in India.


  • Area/Time graph
  • Capacitive platform based sensor
  • Prints screen copy or 1:1 foot size
  • Resolution : 2 Sensors/cm2 onwards for emed
  • 2D and 3D pictures of pressure point
  • Displays foot roll-over frame by frame
  • Displays Gait line(centre of pressure)
  • Generates Maximum pressure picture (MPP)
  • Displays Pressure/Time, Force /Time & Contact
  • Displays calibrated pressure values for each sensor
  • Measures and records foot pressure in static and Dynamic modes

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Product Catalog: Platform Pedography- Emed


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