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Digital Step Biothesiometer - Item Code: VIBROSCREEN


Periodic and accurate vibration perception threshold (VPT) measurement helps early detection. Early detection helps better prevention. Prevention is better than no cure. 50% of all the non-traumatic amputations occur in diabetics, who are high risk groups.

Biothesiometry Vibroscreen helps us to quantitate the loss of vibration perception threshold and it is designed to conduct large patient screening camps. The operation is very simple and the output varies only in steps that makes the test easier, simpler and faster. The step outputs are 15Volts, 20Volts, 25Volts and 50Volts.


  • Easy tool to quantify Neuropathy
  • Simple 4 position vibration output
  • 15, 20, 25 and 50 Volts output selectable
  • Weighs less than 2 Kg
  • 220 Volt AC Mains operation

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Product Catalog: Digital Step Biothesiometer - Item Code: VIBROSCREEN


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