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Semi-Automated Vascular Doppler Recorder for ABI/TBI – Item Code: VASOCHEK+

Semi-Automated Vascular Doppler Recorder for ABI/TBI

The Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) is a measure of the severity of atherosclerosis in the legs but is also an independent indicator of the risk of subsequent atherothrombotic events elsewhere in the vascular system. The ABI may be used as a risk marker both in the general population free of clinical CVD and in patients with established CVD.

Velocity waveform recording is a noninvasive test that measures blood flow within the blood vessels or arteries. The first sign of possible abnormality is the absence of the dicrotic notch. More significant occlusions will show a decreased slope of the ascending and descending segments and a rounding of the systolic peak. More serious obstructions will show flattened waveforms.

A photo-Plythsmogram (PPG) is an optically obtained Plythsmogram, a volumetric measurement of an organ. The PPG Toe blood pressure and related Toe Brachial Index (TBI) are performed to assess the vascular condition of the foot by obtaining systolic pressures at the toe. Toe pressures may be useful in cases of unsuspected vascular disease and in baseline diabetic foot assessment where falsely high ankle pressures can occur due to calcification of tibial vessel.

Vasochek+ is a complete non-invasive unidirectional vascular doppler recorder designed to measure the ABI, TBI and the velocity waveform with a connection to a windows 7/8/10 operated computer for storage of data and patient report generation. Interpretation as per TASC II guidelines.


  • Ankle Brachial Index and Toe Brachial Index
  • Doppler (C.W) with 8MHz Transducer
  • Photo-Plethysmography (PPG) Toe sensor
  • Semi-automated system
  • Software for ABI/TBI with Waveform
  • Computer connectivity enabled
  • Software for data transfer, storage and patient report
  • Software supports Windows 7/8/10
  • Standards matching international standards

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Product Catalog: Semi-Automated Vascular Doppler Recorder for ABI/TBI – Item Code: VASOCHEK+


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