Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy System Analyzer - CANS 504

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Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy System Analyser - CANS 504


Autonomic neuropathy is a serious and common complication of diabetes. In randomly selected cohorts of asymptomatic individuals with diabetes, about 20% had abnormal cardiovascular autonomic function. Reduced heart rate variation is the earliest indicator of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy. The increased prevalence of painless myocardial infarction in diabetes has been attributed to autonomic neuropathy. Damage to autonomic nerve fibres from the myocardium of patients dying from painless myocardial infarction has recently been reported.

It has been recommended that testing of diabetic individuals for cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction should be part of their standard of care. Noninvasive tests are suitable for routine screening for autonomic dysfunction or for monitoring the progress of autonomic neuropathy. When performed in a carefully controlled manner, the following tests have been validated and shown to be reliable and reproducible:

  • Test of Heart-rate control
  • Heart-rate response to deep breathing, and standing and Valsalva maneuver
  • Blood pressure responses to standing and sustained handgrip


  • Analyses Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Autonomic Nervous Function
  • Simple array of (one minute) six tests completes the Comprehensive study
  • Fully automated NIBP kit enhances the BP measurements
  • Display of raw ECG and heart rate(HR) histogram supports the diagnosis
  • Needs a Windows XP/7/8/10 enabled computer to perform
  • Two full A4 page patient report with ECG, HR Histogram and BP values
  • Resting ECG with HR
  • Deep breathing ECG and Expiration and Inspiration Ratio
  • Supine to Standing ECG and 30:15 ratio
  • Valsalva Maneuver ECG @ 40mmHg pressure and Valsalva ratio
  • Postural Hypertension resting BP, BP immediately after standing and BP after one minute standing are measured to assess the fall in systolic BP
  • Sustained Hand Grip BP before handgrip and after 5 minute of hand grip is measured to assess the increase in diastolic BP
  • Final impression consists of Parasympathetic function, Sympathetic function and Cardiac Autonomic Function

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Product Catalog: Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy System Analyser - CANS 504


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