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Pedicure Kit - Item Code: PEDIFILE V


An electric pedicure kit uses electric tools designed specifically to make the task of giving a pedicure easier.

The tools are used by trained technicians. The kit contains an electric pedicure drill and different interchangeable tips which perform specific functions in the pedicure process.

The user may use the pedicure for trimming toenails, filing the cracked edges, smoothen the rough skins, trip the corn or calluses using the different attachments.

The Pedifile– V is a powerful, high performance, professional electric Pedicure file machine used in the diabetic foot clinics. This set includes 10 tools and a very attractive travel case.


  • Easy-To-Use
  • Powerful variable speed motor – 30,000rpm
  • Tools are interchangeable
  • Tools are made of Sapphire
  • Forward and Reverse rotation
  • Foot switch for easy operation
  • Ergonomic Probe handle
  • Ventilated probe works for longer duration
  • LED bargraph to indicate the speed

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Product Catalog: Pedicure Kit - Item Code: PEDIFILE V


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