Durometer – Item Code: Shoremeter A

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Durometer – Item Code: Shoremeter A

Durometer – Item Code: Shoremeter A

The Durometer is commonly also known as Shore Meter. There are two variants in this Shore Meter. They are Shore Meter A and Shore meter D. Shore durometer A is a device for measuring the hardness of soft material, typically of polymers, elastomers, and rubbers. Shore Meter D is mainly for hard materials like plastics, steel etc.,

We are distributing Shore Meter A and all the discussions and descriptions are about them only. Higher numbers on the scale indicate a greater resistance to indentation and thus harder materials. Lower numbers indicate less resistance and softer materials. Durometer measurement scales range from 0 to 100 and simply represent a relative comparison of hardness difference.

The durometer has shown consistent reliability in the objective assessment of skin hardness in patients with systemic sclerosis and localized scleroderma. It is an easy-to-use and simple method, which can provide a correct numeric evaluation of hypertrophic scars induration and an objective control of therapeutic efficacy during treatment over time.

Determination of skin hardness by this instrument has been proven to be accurate and reproducible, both in normal and pathological conditions. Increased foot sole hardness and the peripheral neuropathy are suggested to be important risk factors for foot ulceration. In subject with diabetes, it was found in numerous research that difference and variation in foot sole hardness were found to be significantly different in subjects with and without diabetic neuropathy using Durometer (Shore meter). Hence shore meter was more sensitive and provided a feasible means of measuring foot sole hardness in subjects with diabetic neuropathy. Foot sole hardness in diabetic feet can be considered as potential determinant of the foot sole ulcerations.

The durometer has a potential use in many dermatological disorders as a tool to be used routinely to demonstrate improvement in treatment, particularly in burn patients where cosmetic appearance and functional status represent major concerns for the patient.

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