Vibrometer VPT - Digital Biothesiometer

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Digital Biothesiometer- Vibrometer VPT

Digital Biothesiometer- Vibrometer VPT

Digital Biothesiometer is a non-invasive tool to detect neuropathy is children. The vibrometer helps to detect the loss of vibration perception threshold (VPT) accurately. The device is equipped with an electronic turning fork which has vibration strength that slowly increases till the patient faces the vibration sensation. The digital vibrometer is integrated with a software system which enables storage of data and multiple reports of various patients.



  • Full solid state Design
  • Electronic Tuning Fork
  • Variable 0 to 50 Volts vibration strength
  • Interpretation rules can be changed by user
  • Easy tool to quantify Neuropathy
  • Record data on instrument and transfer to computer via USB port
  • Software helps to generate multiple style patient reports


  • Dimensions (H,W,L) : 120x 260 x 300mm
  • Frequency 120 Hz


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