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Electric File System - Item Code: PEDINOVA


The Electric Pedicure Kit System model Pedinova, is a powerful, high performance electric file machine. This is a professional tool used for trimming and shaping toe nails, smooth rough skin like corn and calluses.


  • Motorized electric file system
  • Ideal for removing non infective hard skins
  • 15,000 RPM with 4 speed
  • Supplied with 10 different tool bits
  • Integral motor eliminates bulky external motor boxes. All the technology is in the hand piece
  • Full warranty for 6 months
  • Easy operation
  • Used for trimming shaping the hard nails
  • Change bits quickly with the auto-locking chuck
  • Compact, ergonomic design runs quietly with no vibration
  • Extra long electrical cord - plugs directly into wall sockets
  • Quality manufacturing from Germany

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Product Catalog: Electric File System - Item Code: PEDINOVA


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