TcPO2 - Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor

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Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor - Periflux 5000 / Periflux 6000

Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor- Periflux5000 / Periflux 6000

Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring (TCOM/tcpO2) is a process to determine the nutritive flow in the capillaries. Today, TCOM/tcpO2 is clinically prevalent in various applications such as wound-healing assessment, hyperbaric medicine, amputation-level resoluteness and others. PeriFlux System 5000 is modular systems that can be channelized into other methods for determine the peripheral circulation such as peripheral pressures, skin perfusion pressure (SPP) and Pulse Volume Recording (PVR). The instrument can provide an overall assessment of vascular problems. The modular design of the machine helps to evaluate laser Doppler blood flow/ perfusion and transcutaneous oxygen (TCOM, tcpO2) and/or carbon dioxide. In the laser Doppler probes modules for heat provocation and pressure control are also available. The blood perfusion has become intense by electrode heats underlying the tissue, which also increases the oxygen pressure. The heat produces through electrode heating also dissolve the lipid structure of the dead, keratinized cells in the epidermal layer making the skin permeable to gas diffusion. Sometimes metabolism is high that makes more oxygen consumed by the cells.

Clinical Applications:

TCOM/tcpO2 was originally formulated for neonatal use, but eventually it has become widely used in several clinical areas such as:

  • Uncovering of peripheral vascular oxygenation
  • Restriction of the level of peripheral vascular disease
  • Determination of the optimum level of amputation
  • Assessment of revascularization activities
  • Priming candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and calling non-responders to treatment


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